As a licensed Realtor I can help you obtain access, gather information and purchase any home for sale in Las Vegas. No matter where its posted. From time to time Realtor’s post homes for sale in the craigslist Las Vegas section. 702-237-0390

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Prospective home buyers who now use the Craigslist Las Vegas website to search for Real Estate now have a guide and a defender for absolutely no charge. is instead a better, more organized, more professional and, above all, safer way to search Las Vegas Real Estate.

A Better Way to Find a Las Vegas Home

Mr. Kourtney Wagner, a licensed Nevada Realtor, works through (Division of Realty One Group) to provide searchers with the following valuable residential search services.

Free and Complete Service

Access to almost all (99.9 percent) of homes available for sale in the Las Vegas area, including Craigslist Las Vegas home sale listings.

This is an absolutely free Las Vegas location service that connects buyers with Las Vegas homes for sale. Buyersnever pay a fee. The professionalism and protection provided are far superior than using Craigslist Las Vegas by any buyer.

Client Protection Always at the Forefront

For his clients’ protection, the service screens all listings, including those on the Craigslist Las Vegas website, to make sure the housing offers are, in fact, legitimate and that the addresses are real.

This invaluable protection helps prevent prospective buyers from being easily conned or scammed.

Convenience and Service

Prospective homebuyers can scan the website, then make a viewing appointment with Mr. Wagner to see the homes they are like, directly on the website.

This is a far superior way to contact sellers than through a newspaper, shopper ad paper or Craigslist Las Vegas. Buyers never need to talk to strangers, secretaries or leave their number on some stranger’s voice mail. They can count on never waiting for a call from a stranger or putting up with inconvenient viewing times.

Closing Cost Support

Kourtney Wagner at will pay up to $1,500 in closing costs for his clients. Considering that the cost of his services is absolutely free, clients can actually make money by using the site.

Client Service

Kourtney Wagner at is available for his clients every day of the week from 7 am until midnight.

These extended service hours make sure that he can serve his clients regardless of their work schedules. His client’s best interests are always his first priority.

Whether clients are looking for their first home or are residential real estate investors, rather than Craigslist Las Vegas on their own is the smart move.